Madison County Ancestors

Madison County, Kentucky, Pioneers and Their Descendants

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Parks, Parke, Fowler, Scudder, Gentry


Jones, Shearer, Johnson, Denny, Massie


Million,  Newby, Heathman, Perkins, Jennings

Dozier, Christopher, Munday, Broaddus














All of my Kentucky ancestors migrated to Madison County, Kentucky, between 1780 and 1810.  My mother’s family settled primarily along Tates Creek west of Richmond while my Parks ancestors settled along Otter Creek between Richmond and Boonesborough or along Muddy Creek to the east.  


My main focus on this site is my own ancestors, but I may also add information about some of their neighbors.  

About me:  I am Robert James (Jim) Parks, son of James Edwin Parks and Evelyn Million.  I live in Frankfort, Ky., but I grew up in Madison County near the village of Newby.  


Now  retired, I reported for newspapers in Kentucky, North Carolina and Wisconsin during the 1960s and 1970s, then worked for Kentucky State Government (Revenue and Education) until 2005. 


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